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Watch why UV is preferable and the design of the TUVLA-1

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Why do we need UV?

Protection Indoors

While we have our masks and sanitizer bottles outdoors, it is important to not let our guard down indoors. According to research by Harvard, CDC, and Oxford, viruses can last upto 3 days on various surfaces making masks, cash, phones, clothes, and packages carriers of infections into our most cherished spaces like offices, schools, and homes  

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Disinfectant effectiveness is limited

According to the US Environment Protection Agency, most disinfectants - including the one used in Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) that is used in India - are not effective on soft, porous surfaces like paper, cash, cardboard, clothes, textiles, upholstery, covers, & leather.

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UV works

Around the world, hospitals [read], governments [watch], and airlines [read] are adopting UV-C technology to battle COVID-19. According to research, a short exposure to UVC light (220-280nm wavelegth) destroys the nucleic acid present in viruses and bacteria, effectively terminating them.

However, direct human exposure to UVC is harmful.

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Designed by Engineers + Tested by Scientists

Designed by Delhi College of Engineering, University of Maryland Graduates. Tested by government, ICMR empanelled labs.

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How TRU-V is using UV tech to keep homes and offices coronavirus-free New Delhi-based TRU-V has developed a low-cost, lightweight disinfection bag that taps UV-C technology to sanitise daily use items such as groceries, ecommerce packages, electronics, masks, gloves, and more.



The affordability of this innovation has been maintained only through an overhaul in design (TRU-V design is patent pending) using engineering first principles

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The product has been tested and received three certifications- i) Received certification from a BIS empanelled lab for no UV leakage ii) ICMR empanelled lab approved the product to be effective against Covid-19/SARS-Cov2 in 10 min and 3) It also received European Conformity Certification for quality

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These products have given me peace of mind as I can sanitize my phone, cash and mask effortlessly each time I enter my house. Not only did the quality surprise me but the customer service was even more top notch 


Cleaning daily use products and e-commerce packages was extremely cumber-sum and time consuming. These products are safe and effective   


I am glad these are made to keep the UV lamps away from the user. It is very useful to sanitize things instead of cleaning them with soap. Life and time saver! Gives me comfort to have this 


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